Saturday, October 27, 2012

Greetings From Arizona!

Hello, friends!
I'm here in Arizona for my first stop as I take on the globe! I've made lots of new friends and learned about one of Arizona's wild creatures called the Javalina.  I even learned how to play the alto xylophone!  My new friends wrote a book about my visit that I wanted to share with you!


I can't wait to arrive at my next stop to meet even more new friends!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New Postal friends and a Sweet goodbye!!

Today, we headed over to PostNet off of Watson Rd. in Buckeye, AZ to say my last goodbye's before my trip!!

Katherine, an employee at PostNet, was kind enough to let me take a picture with her before taping my box shut!! What a great post office!! I also got to tell my story to a few other customers in the post office...word spreads fast!!

Next time I see you, I will be in another city in Arizona!!!

Thank you for the encouragement hug, Katherine!! I know I am in safe hands!!


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ready for my Departure!!! Picture Please

I am rockin' my new Jonas Brother's outfit and I am ready to travel to my first destination!!!

I was going for the "deep in thought" pose...
My schedule is ready!! If you are participating, please make sure to check the documents section to review my tour and instructions ahead of time. You can also send an email to to be added as a contributor to this blog before I arrive to your classroom.
Check out the information below and the next post will be from my first destination!! I can't wait!!

Download my documents & check out the other blogs on the list!!

Frosty Takes on the Globe Tour Schedule: CLICK HERE

Welcome Teacher Instruction Letter: CLICK HERE

Frosty's Welcome Letter (to be read to the class): CLICK HERE

These documents will be available on a new tab in the next few days.

Here I come, Mrs. Kamp!!