Sunday, November 11, 2012

Jet Wag

I left on a jet plane (they didn't know when I'd be back again).

When I arrived, I had a pretty bad case of Jet Wag.

The smell of frybread and beans woke me right up. 

The loving students of the White Mountain Apache Tribe enjoyed teaching me about their culture. 

They showed me a cradleboard.

They also taught me about burden baskets.

I picked out a beaded necklace to keep as a reminder of my time spent on the reservation.

But soon, it was time to get back to learning.  I played Math games and tangrams with the kids. 

I was VERY popular for Read with Someone.

The first grade reading buddies also loved me.

I helped the robot league assemble "Bob"

More than anything, I inspired their writing.


From a humble, brown box beginning, Frosty has transformed our classroom and is now a revered friend. No doubt he will live on in our hearts.

Guest Blogger- Susan Rodriguez of Rodriguez Rock Stars

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Results...This Just In....

Through a grueling (or was that drooling?) campaign,
where both sides seemed evenly matched....

In a landslide election....

has come out the clear winner!!!!!

Happy Election Day!