Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Tour Dates: Coming Soon!!

   My Tour Dates - Coming Soon!!

    Please go check out my introduction post over at The 3AM Teacher's Blog!!

Just click on my picture above to find out more about what I will be doing this upcoming year!!!
Thank you for visiting & following my new blog...Created by...who else, 
The 3AM Teacher...What a gal!!
She has been hard at work designing her new store, sprucing up her own blog, creating my blog & working on custom graphics. I think she might be having Facebook withdrawals....SERIOUSLY!!
But, when she gets focused....she is like stealth ninja in cyberspace - getting the job done while staying hidden in the shadows. When she emerges from her focus fest - everyone better watch out! She tends to want to make herself known by doing some amazing things!! 
Like creating this blog for me!!

I look forward to meeting you all!!!